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 What to do when the server is offline

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PostSubject: What to do when the server is offline   Sat Aug 06, 2011 6:17 pm

Stuff to do on the internet while your bored!

2. Check out some st00f on Ebay
3. Catch up with friends on your social networking sites
4. Watch two girls one cup (Fucking disgusting)
6. Watch Youtube videos and share them with your friends
7. Ask people if they want to skype with you
8. Make fun of people on Chat-roulette
9. Test your internet speed
10. Browse a forums site
11. Read Aaron's post (Rofl your doing it now!)
12. Play Miniclip games
13. Play Angry Birds (This game is fucking ridiculous)
14. Any other Online game you can think of (COD ect..)
15. Research how to become better at life
16. Examine other peoples strategy in games and improve on that
17. Check Emails
18. Improve your vocabulary
19. Improve ur slang vocab
20. Watch live-streams
21. Start console wars on Youtube
22. Press F13
23. Look up your own name
24. Check out news groups
25. Set up your own web page!
26. Look at funny pictures
27. Read fails at www.fmylife.com
28. Create a Youtube Channel and put videos on it :O
29. Start a Blog
30. Take an IQ test

Could add so much more.

Stuff to do on OUTSIDE your house when your bored!

Unless you have Agraphobia this won't be too hard for you to read.

1. Visit a zoo! Dressed up as a lion
2. Swim with teh dolphy
3. Go to a gun range and fuck some shit up
4. Watch kids play
5. SHOP!
6. Sky dive
7. Go bowling
8. Dumpster Dive
9. Surf the waves
10. Build a sand castle with your foot
11. Visit another country with only toiletries and money
13. Watch nature grow
14. Climb trees
15. Make s'mores
16. Watch every movie at the cinema!
17. Use a port-o-loo
18. Glue money to the floor and watch people trying to pick it up
19. Tie a string to a note and pull it away from someone as they try to pick it up
20. Visit and climb into the crater of an active volcano
21. Skinny dip at a water park!
22. Walk down your street wearing nothing but a hat and socks
23. Do a wheelie on a uni-cycle
24. Dye your hair blonde! (If your hair is already blonde don't worry, you won't need to do this suggestion!)


25. Improve your home
26. Cut down a tree
27. Improve your garden
28. Rob a bank
29. EXER mother effin CISE
30. Buy fast food
31. Drink a lot of beer at a bar
32. Sleep in a car = Result of number 31
33. Help produce the 1 second film
34. Watch T.V IN A STORE!
35. Throw eggs at cars
36. Setup a hammock and sleep on it for the night
37. Punch someone in the face
38. Graffiti (Kinda lame TBH)
39. Turn Signs around
40. Get hookers.

Miscellaneous Stuff to do when your bored!

1. READ A BOOK. Maybe
2. Release the feces you have been holding in
3. Have your monthly shower
4. Clean your stinky poo poo room
5. Prank call the P01i(3
6. Brush your teeth
7. BAKE!!! Share with Aaron
8. Have a pillow fight with your parents
9. 布莱恩是一个奶酪棒!
10. Put metal into a microwave for 1 minute
11. Learn how to use a microwave
12. Ride a zebra
13. Eat cake
14. The cake is a mother fucking lie.
15. Moan on the mic on Xbox Live
16. Sing at a karaoke bar in front of 20 or more people
17. Do a 360 No scope off the Eiffel Tower
18. Glue a spork to your nose and leave it for 1 day
19. Travel around town in a santa suit
20. Eat da poo poo
21. Practise your Opera skillz
22. L2L33t 5p33|<
23. Learn how to play the african drums
24. Walk your dog/ cat/ mice/ elephant ect ect.. Inside a 2x2x2m box
25. Call your mom (If she is in the house call a different family member)
26. Play poker by yourself
27. Learn the YMCA and chicken dance off by heart
28. Stare at the sun
30. Get your appendix taken out.
31. Sweep your chimney
32. Learn how to successfully rick roll someone
33. Pretend to be someone better than you
34. Act cocky for one day
35. Urinate

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PostSubject: Re: What to do when the server is offline   Sat Aug 06, 2011 8:01 pm

That would be an epic weekend.
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PostSubject: Re: What to do when the server is offline   Sat Aug 06, 2011 9:14 pm

Wtf do I do after I'm done? Sad
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PostSubject: Re: What to do when the server is offline   Sun Aug 07, 2011 2:23 am

Canine wrote:
Wtf do I do after I'm done? Sad

stop listening to aarons list's and get a life Razz lulzors uk im kiddin'
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PostSubject: Re: What to do when the server is offline   

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What to do when the server is offline
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