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 Forgotten, but will never forget.

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Zamyz Lord
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Zamyz Lord

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Forgotten, but will never forget. Empty
PostSubject: Forgotten, but will never forget.   Forgotten, but will never forget. EmptySun Sep 28, 2014 5:24 am

It's almost 4am here, I couldn't sleep.

No matter how many months go by, there always comes a day, I remember logging in. Then hanging out in edgevill and Pking with some of the most respectable players I'v ever had the honor of knowing. I wish I would have treated you all better from the beginning and through to the end. I was, and probably still am on some level, rather intemperate.

I wish I could look back and not feel regret for leaving early, but I have never been able find a RSPS community that even comes close to the small group of friends that we were. Everyone knew each other, there was no room for deceit or lies, because the truth would come out. No room a grudge, because we were a like a family that was always willing to forgive the other. You can't find that on any runescape server, whether its the live game, or a private server.

I miss you all, and hope I hear from one of you at some point. It would be nice to meet up on server and PK with you guys once again. I will check this website once a week for at least a year, if you see this, please post something, so we can make that happen.

We are a community unknown to world, but we still exist. We are distant, yet we are friends. We fight one another, but with honor and respect. We are, the Forgotten PKers.
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Forgotten, but will never forget. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Forgotten, but will never forget.   Forgotten, but will never forget. EmptySun Oct 12, 2014 12:33 am

Right on bro
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Forgotten, but will never forget.
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