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 alright time's up for me.

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alright time's up for me. Empty
PostSubject: alright time's up for me.   alright time's up for me. EmptyWed Aug 10, 2011 6:33 pm

Alright nick i can't wait any lnger and im gonna really say whaT I have to say now. Ok so first of all we, community of forgotten pk havbe been playnig tons of different private server's waiting for this one, and honestly i could care less by now. All you've gaven us is the running of the notifications which isn't a big deal i can link many shity server's with notifications, and also what your comp is running. I mean by now you'd think we'd get a lil more then this. If we dont get updated for reeal soon, like server releasal date, or bigger updates then notifications im leaving. bored of waiting.
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alright time's up for me.
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