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 Official Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Official Forum Rules   Sat May 28, 2011 8:10 pm

Forum Rules:

There is a list of rules that you are expected to read and follow. Forum staff have the right to add/change rules if necessary

Severe Offenses:
(IP address ban with no warning)

  • Intentionally selling anything for self benefit to other forum users.

  • Potentially starting arguments with other Forum users. (anything that can be taken as offensive or pointless)

  • Spamming the Forums.

  • Advertising anything unrelated to Forgotten Pk.

Moderate Offenses
(2-day account ban with no warning)

  • Posting anything under the incorrect Forum Thread.

  • Advertising anything unrelated to Forgotten Pk.

  • Explicit sexual images.

  • Use of more than 3 vulgar words in a sentence.

  • Absolutely NO double posting. If you make a post then want to add in later, simply edit it.

  • Please do not plagiarize AT ALL. From this forum or any other forum. Always cite your sources and give credit.

  • Always listen to staff and do what they say. If it wasn't for the best, they wouldn't be telling you to do it.

NOTE: Every once in a while check back and read this list to see if anything has been added or taken away. We WILL NOT take the excuse that you didn't know something was against the rules.

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Official Forum Rules
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