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 More money, more problems

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PostSubject: More money, more problems   Wed Aug 15, 2012 3:20 am

Ok after hitting max cash my cash pile turned into 127gp, and as I continued to use the chest, after getting the 10m prize of 50m prize the cash then appeared as a new stack which is impossible you would think. When I examine the 127gp it says "lovely money" but when i examine the 10m or 50m pile it just says how much its value is worth. When I try to deposit the cash with "deposit all", it deposits only 127gp from any of the piles, including the 127gp pile as it just sits in my inventory. So whoever is online next, ill try to see the values in trade and see if i can trade it away because I'm not depositing 2.3B with deposits of 127gp every time lol.

Here's a screenshot.

[url= ] [/url]

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PostSubject: Re: More money, more problems   Thu Aug 16, 2012 12:39 am

Thats really funny Very Happy. Ill try going online and trading with u.


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More money, more problems
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